Dislocation, Relocation, and Reorientation


Always expect the unexpected …

After 12 months of job applications and faffing about with job providers, interspersed with some part-time/casual work tutoring, lecturing and monitoring infrastructure projects I have re-entered the work force in a full-time capacity in cultural heritage management. As can be imagined this has impacted on the way that I approach my PhD studies.

Apart from the change in the hours available and the need to transition to part-time study, the new position has meant that I have had to up-root myself and move 650 km from South Australia to Bendigo in central Victoria, hence the first two words of the title of this article. So time has been spent in finding accommodation, organizing all the essentials like furniture, gas, electricity and water but also Internet, an essential tool for studying these days. It helps at times like this to have a fantastic partner to work with you: thanks Julie!

Not only has the move entailed a minor hiatus in my study routine it has also meant that I need to change the focus of my research. The original proposal has been structured around a sample of war memorials in several local government areas in South Australia. The move will mean that I have to reorient my focus on memorials in Victoria; not necessarily a bad thing as after my proposal presentation, a few of my colleagues suggested that I should be doing a comparison across different regions/states within Australia or even across the ditch in New Zealand.  My move to Victoria now gives me the opportunity to extend my research to encompass two states, and I haven’t given up on the idea of taking in NZ as well.

Now after having been back into full-time employment for one week I’m ready to back into the PhD journey. There has been a minor detour in the journey but all of these things are part of life and something that just has to be dealt with. So I’m sitting in front of my computer planning out the next steps in the journey and looking forward to the challenges.



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